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Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest

I almost missed linking up for Anna’s genius and truly enjoyable contest!!

It was a curious day. Curious day indeed. The sun broke through the window three inches farther to the left than yesterday. Odd thing for a sun to do, but I knew why. The ray that was where it shouldn’t have been lit up the sock I misplaced yesterday. Yes, the sun is a kind soul, finder of lost things, and caster of warmth even in the coldest of places.

First thing I did was put that sock on. It became a lucky sock, you see; the sun made it so. After finding its mate, I brushed my teeth the required two minutes. A second less and my mouth would feel moss coated in the missed locations all day.

With a clean mouth, I padded down the hall in my warm socks to fill my grumbling belly. Now this is when the curious becomes curiouser. (I feel that a lucky sock gives one license to make up words from time to time.) While Sparticus, my hamster, prefers warm grits for breakfast, I like cereal. When reaching for my cereal I was surprised that my fingers caught only a breeze. My cereal was missing. Misplaced. Well, like anyone else would do, I went back to my bedroom and searched the places lit by the sun for the missing box of oats and honey, but it was not to be found.

Shaking my head, I began to wonder if this sock was lucky after all. Just as I decided to get back in bed and try to start the day over, I saw them. Big, colorful, full of air. Just for me. Well, my luck had returned.

Shrugging on my coat and donning my cap I headed out with my balloons in hand to see the world from a new perspective.

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