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What if you couldn’t write?

Writing is what I do. Unless I’m going through a dry phase, like now. But, that will pass.
A writer is who I am. It’s part of my identity. Few days pass, if any, where I don’t think about writing in some form or another.

So, if I couldn’t write anymore what would I do? Like writing, Multiple Sclerosis is part of my every day. Lately the fingers on my right hand have begun going numb. It’s just part of the disease, and something that comes and goes, but could one day decide to stick around. Typing isn’t an issue right now, no problems there, but I am right handed and it’s begun to make writing slightly difficult. Yay for my handy computer. 🙂

But, back to the question! If I couldn’t write anymore, just what would I do? The short answer is I would be devastated. I’m not sure I know the full explanation of the long answer yet, but I am working on that. For starters I would spend more quality time with my music. There are very few genres of music where I can’t find at least one song I like. Nothing like a beautiful melody to sooth the soul.

Writing is a gift and a joy that I cherish. I hope to hold onto it for years to come, but I also plan to delve into new passions.

What about you? What are you other passions? What would you do if you couldn’t write?

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