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My 22 Things

Amazing, super creative Angie Richmond has issued a challenge that I love! Check it out, and link up your own list today. This was a fun way to really think about things I want to accomplish.

How Does It Work?
22 Things is a Creative Change Challenge. By signing up, you are announcing to the world – and more importantly yourself – that you are breaking free of the long standing idea that in order to make changes in your life, you have to do BIG things. 22 Things is about making a list twenty-two small steps you can take right now – to change your life.

My 22 Things:

1.       Develop a regular writing schedule.
2.       Go to the beach more.
3.       Allow myself to make mistakes.
4.       Give more hugs.
5.       Join a Pilates class.
6.       Ride my bike instead of driving.
7.       Read more indie authors.
8.       Finish my three quilts in progress.
9.       Get a plant and keep it alive.
10.   Spend more time without my phone.
11.   Make more lists; they work.
12.   Finish the outline for my new WIP.
13.   Edit my NaNo novel.
14.   Try new foods.
15.   Have one technology-free day a week. (Or at least an hour)
16.   Write in my journal.
17.   Spend more time with friends.
18.   Take a dance class.
19.   Stop and watch the sunset.
20.   #Wordmonger!
21.   Do a 10K run.
22.   Indulge in chocolate occasionally.
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