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Blog Award Bliss

January 26, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
It’s raining blog awards!!
I am ecstatic over the awards I’ve been given by these talented bloggers!

Big thanks to the lovely ladies over at Thinking Through Our Fingers for this awesome award!

The Versatile Blogger Awards are compliments of a few of the very best:

Thanks again to J.A. Bennett for the Great Comments Award.

Thank you Kelley at Between the Bookends for this pretty Kreativ Blogger award.
Be sure to visit the all of these blogs. They are not to be missed!!!
The rules for these awards are all similar. (Find out more about the rules here)
 So, I will combine them by telling you five things about myself and passing all of these to five amazing bloggers!
1. I adore dogs. This may be a shock, but it’s true 😉
2. I am lucky enough have been asked to contribute to the awesome Pyjama Club blog. Head over and check it out!
3. Blue is my favorite color. I think just about anything looks better blue!
4. Each and everytime I watch Steel Magnolias I find a new reason to love it and cry over it.
5. In my mind I play tennis like Kim Clijsters; even when I make a flying leap and catch nothing but air with my racket.
Now I get to pass these awards on!!
If you’ve received these awards before feel free to do with them as you wish 🙂
Hope Roberson at Writing with Hope
Mark Koopmans at Aloha, and Hi! from HI
Angela V. Cook at The Starving Novelist
Felicity at Dronezone
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