‘Wrap it up’ Blogfest

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Three awesome bloggers are hosting this blogfest,
To get all the details click the picture below.
My entry:
You came into my life as the birds began their Spring song. Brightly colored blooms surrounded us in the park that day. I remember the way you smiled with your whole face as you jogged over to me, apologizing for Brutus’s forgotten manners. I looked down at my new white skirt, freshly stained with the coffee I spilled when Brutus greeted me, and just laughed. We’d never met before, but I loved him. He looked through me with the intelligent eyes of a dog who knows a broken person when he sees them.
The Summer was one of cherished memories, our spring crush turned to summer love. I remember the long, lazy days on the beach with you and Brutus. The day Brutus saved the little boy’s ball from being swept out to sea was a special one for me. You glowed with pride watching him dive right in to grab the ball tightly between his teeth and, after shaking the salty wetness from his back, trot over to the toddler and lay the ball at his feet.
Soon the leaves turned fiery shades of orange, red, and yellow. In a blink the beauty was gone, and the leaves became dry, brown, crunches beneath our feet. It was then Brutus began spending more time on the couch, less time chasing his favorite tennis ball. I think you knew before I did; you tried to protect me.  I watched the spark die in Brutus’ eyes a little more each day. You and I would share desperate glances over his furry head, knowing there was nothing we could do but love him.
We were given a year of bliss with Brutus. I owe my life to him for what he taught me about love and happiness.
Because of him, I have you.

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